Foundational Support

For those seeking a solid HR foundation.

Our Foundational Support provides the fundamental building blocks for a robust HR framework, including:
  • Fundamental HR process guidance.
  • Regulatory compliance assistance.
  • Handbook and policy development.
  • Customized employee onboarding.
  • Employee benefit guidance.
  • HR systems implementation.
  • Workforce optimization planning.


Strategic HR Advisory

Empowering you with Fractional CHRO Support.

Our Strategic HR Advisory Services go beyond traditional HR consulting, offering fractional Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) support, including:
  • Custom HR strategy development.
  • Advisory services to navigate challenges.
  • Employee engagement initiatives.
  • Workplace culture enhancement strategies.


Ad-Hoc HR Services

Flexible solutions for unique needs.

Explore our menu of ad-hoc HR services, including:
  • Top talent recruitment.
  • Employee relations management.
  • Workforce training and development.
  • Employee engagement campaigns.
  • Project management for HR initiatives.


Specialized Cannabis Services

HR Expertise in the cannabis industry.

For cannabis businesses, we offer specialized HR services including:
  • Expertise in evolving regulatory compliance.
  • HR advisory for cannabis businesses.
  • Fractional HR support for smooth operations.
  • Comprehensive accounting and financial management.


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Build a 

Strong Foundation

We blend HR expertise with a deep knowledge of various industries to provide solutions that truly resonate with your business's needs. Let's work together to turn HR challenges into opportunities for growth.

Lay the groundwork for HR success with our support.