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Let's help you with the regulations.

The cannabis industry presents unique challenges and opportunities. From rapidly changing legal frameworks to specific talent acquisition needs, our dedicated team stays ahead of the curve, offering informed, agile HR solutions.

Navigating Growth

through Advisory

Don't face hr challenges alone

In the legal cannabis industry in the US, HR faces unique challenges due to the industry's rapid growth and evolving regulations. We'll help you meet regulatory standards and thrive in this dynamic environment.

hr advisory

• compliance management

• talent strategies

• training initiatives

• employee safety

• cultural development

Stay ahead of the curve and compliant with employment laws, safety regulations and legal framework.

Attract and retain skilled professionals, develop competitive compensation packages and onboarding experiences.

Design and implement effective training initiatives for employees to understand laws, protocols and knowledge.

Prioritize employee well-being and create initiatives that foster a safe and healthy work environment for all.

Strategize and develop an inclusive workplace that supports long-term success and aligns with your company values.

Comprehensive Financial Management

Financial stability and compliance in the cannabis industry demands expertise and precision. With our cannabis specialty, we ensure your financial operations are compliant, organized, and primed for success.

bookkeeping + reconciliations

tax season preparations

outsourced CFO services

Stay accurate and audit-ready with categorized transactions and regular reconciliations.

Get optimal benefits and maximize cost allocations with our custom guidance.

Expert guidance in cannabis tax and strategic insights, all without the cost of a full-time executive.

280(e) Cost Allocations

Maximize your cost of goods by compliance, while optimizing your financial structure.

We'll Navigate the Complexities.

Regardless of your industry, we'll help you navigate it all.